18 Amazon Outlet Deals For Under $10 To Buy Now

Although Prime Day is still a few months away, that doesn’t stop us from scouring Amazon’s Deals section for the best and most affordable finds. While there’s nothing quite like stumbling across an incredible markdown to add to your cart, there’s nothing worse than simply missing out on an important sale. Well, what if we told you that Amazon has a secret side that offers discounts on hundreds of items that you can take advantage of every day?

Amazon Outlet, a section of the site that promises “overstock items at prices below budget,” is where your fellow online shoppers don’t want you to know. And with deals like quirky and cute AirPods cases for less than $9 and a set of five blue light blocking glasses that cost less than $1.50 a pair, who can blame them?

Where do these magical low prices come from? Amazon says POS products are a mix of markdowns and overstocked inventory. Basically, their excess is our gain.

Our favorite place to search is the “Under $10” category, which is full of deep discounts on literally everything. From $4 Apple Watch straps to half-price makeup brush sets, we’ve rounded up the 18 best deals you can buy right now.

Large Purggy Matte Hair Clips

We usually go to the dollar store to buy these jumbo plastic hair clips, but a set of 12 colorful clips for less than $10 is probably a better deal than most discount stores offer. Amazon reviewers say these hair accessories have a solid grip and are sturdy enough not to fall apart after a few uses.

Eissloly LED Strip Light Controller

Light up your space with unlimited color with these LED light strips. They are Bluetooth compatible and can even sync with your music or microphone to create your own unique atmosphere. The remote and batteries are included, so you don’t have to wait to upgrade your decor.

Sigvan Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses (5 Pack)

Protect your eyes from excessive blue light exposure – and do it well – with these stylish reading glasses. If you work at a computer all day, you’ll find these non-polarized frames helpful in eliminating eye fatigue and fatigue, according to the brand. And you can’t beat that price of $7 for five pairs.

Isaloe Octagon Hoop Drop Acrylic Earrings

Elevate your accessory collection with these statement earrings. They’re made from marbled resin and come in four different designs — some costing as little as $7 — but we love the dreamy colors of this floral design.

Niloufo Summer V-Neck Blouse

If you’re looking to upgrade your summer wardrobe with affordable basics, Amazon Outlet has you covered. Made from a blend of rayon and spandex, this casual short sleeve tunic is designed for comfort. According to the brand, the shirt is light, stretchy and soft to the touch.

Family Pro Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle

Always stay hydrated with this portable and inexpensive water bottle. It’s made from collapsible food-grade silicone, making it ideal for on-the-go use. Not only is it designed to keep drinks cold when out in the sun, Family Pro also says it’s heat resistant and safe to hold hot drinks.

Apple Watch Yaxin Solo Buckle Strap

What’s cooler than an Apple Watch? Style it! Swap out your traditional rubber and silicone bands with one of these elastic nylon options. According to Yaxin, they are durable, soft and even washable. This bright, multicolored option is on sale for just $4, but there are plenty of other designs to choose from for under $10.

Sun Icon Clear PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

If you haven’t replaced your shower curtain liner in a while, take this Amazon Outlet deal as a sign to upgrade. This sturdy, non-toxic liner is supposed to be 100% waterproof and even has magnets built into the bottom to keep it in place and prevent messy water spills.

Wear Home Cotton Rope Plant Hangers (Set of 2)

These intricate handwoven rope planters can add an elegant touch to your home space. You can hang them with your favorite potted plants indoors for bohemian chic decor or take them outside to spruce up your patio. The brand claims that their natural cotton makeup is long-lasting, sun-resistant and hard-wearing.

Heymkgo Marble Makeup Brush Set

Whether you’ve neglected your dirty makeup brushes for way too long or you’re just ready to try something new, this marble-patterned set might be just what you need. You’ll receive 10 face and eye brushes, all made with natural synthetic bristles, along with two sponges and a bag to store it all in. Right now, you can save 60%, bringing the price down to under $7. .

Homespon Insulated Lunch Box

Now that many of us are heading back to the office, it’s a good time to stock up on the essentials. Preparing a lunch and storing it in a quality lunch box can help you save money by not having to order every day. This insulated option is made from non-toxic materials that can keep your food fresh for hours, depending on the brand. It is also designed to be foldable, tearproof and waterproof.

Iliensa Wireless Indoor Jump Rope

Staying in shape can be an expensive business, especially when investing in gym equipment. Lucky for you, we’ve found a unique tool that can give you a great workout – for less than $7. This cordless jump rope can help you strengthen your arms, abs, hips, and legs, depending on the brand. Instead of a rope that can painfully snap your ankles or tangle your legs, this tool attaches two ball bearings to each end that are designed to feel like a regular jump rope exercise.

Shineyii Silicone Cute Cartoon AirPods Case

Accessorize your music listening experience with this adorable Sour Patch Kids AirPods Case – a perfect addition to your tween’s birthday pile. But with a price tag under $9, you might want to buy one for yourself too!

Boys Body Glove Socks

Ask any mom, taking care of kids’ socks can be a full-time job! Luckily, this 10-pack is under $10 at Amazon Outlet right now. Stock up and don’t worry when you can’t find those matches on laundry day.

AVERY Hi-Liters

Summer vacation may be approaching, but that doesn’t mean the learning stops. From summer reading lists to SAT prep classes, kids need the essentials all year round. Stock up on cheap school supplies at Amazon Outlet, like these under $8 AVERY highlighters.

Birdhouse kit made by me

Tired of hearing children complain that they are bored? This craft kit costs less than $8 and includes all the supplies your little ones need to paint and decorate their very own birdhouse.

TWOHANDS Acrylic Paint Markers

Great crafters can pick up these acrylic paint markers for less than $9. Fine tip paint pens dry quickly and can be used on everything from rocks to mugs to canvas.

Poolmaster Vinyl Water Hammock

Do you have visions of floating in the pool this summer? Make your dreams come true with this super affordable hammock style pool float. It features neck and leg supports and a mesh seat – just what you need for all-day lounging.

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