12 weird cameras you forgot existed

To get aerial views of an area, often referred to as aerial views, the modern era is full of options. We can use airplanes, helicopters, satellites and drones to obtain aerial images and videos. But this has not always been the case. As photography predates aviation, aerial views were difficult to obtain in the early days of photography.

An ingenious concept for getting photos from above was to use carrier pigeons with a specially modified camera. This shows the concept of a modern drone having roots decades in the past. A key difference is that a drone requires no training or food. Carrier pigeons have been used on battlefields for centuries to transmit messages between commanders. These camera-equipped pigeons can provide valuable reconnaissance for a commander to develop battle plans. According to reports from a Magazine of the technical world of 1908 Testing specialized cameras with pigeons immediately aroused the interest of the German military. An ingenious mechanism is described which makes it possible to collect several photographs In 1932, Popular mechanicsmentioned pigeon cameras, saying they could click up to 200 photos per flight.

As technology advances, we often find that what is old is new again. However, just as 35mm photography is making a resurgence, I don’t see pigeons replacing, or even complementing, drone photography anytime soon.

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