10 Ways To Look A Decade Younger, Experts Say – Eat This, Not That


Aging is a process that we cannot stop, but we can age gracefully and maintain a positive attitude while doing so. We can also help slow aging by adopting healthy lifestyles and making lifestyle changes. Marine Delmau, founder and creative director of Lâcher Prize Apparel says, “Most importantly, it’s important to forget about age and focus on the present. Looking young starts with feeling young at heart and not acting the way our society expects us to be. We are the master of our own mind.

Read On To Find Out 10 Ways Experts Say Help People Look And Feel Younger And To Ensure Your Health And The Health Of Others Don’t Miss These Sure Signs You Have Ever Had COVID.


According to Dr Alexis Parcells, MD a certified plastic surgeon and founder of SUNNIE, a skin care and anti-aging clinic, and Plastic Surgery Package, “The Co2 laser is the closest thing to a magic eraser in looking a decade younger. It’s a 30-minute procedure. Expect 5 days of downtime, then 4 to 6 days. redness (mild sunburn). This procedure brightens and firms your skin. The fractional laser beam targets damaged skin cells and heat energy stimulates collagen and elastin. ”

Plasma treatment, plasmolifting or the PRP method point to the introduction of the patient's own plasma enriched in platelets, into problem areas of the skin.

Dr Jae Pak, MD, by Jae Pak Medical says, “If you have suffered hair loss, it is without a doubt you are getting older (no matter how young you are). Hair restoration is possible through medical hair transplants. Advanced technology has also made it possible. perform beard and eyebrow transplants. With these procedures, you can grow hair while shaving for years. “

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Woman wearing a red mask gets a fresh style in a barber shop

Seven Yu, Go glam Beauty and Creative Director / Senior Stylist said, “First and foremost, looking younger is feeling younger. When we feel young, we give off an energy that transpires in our physical being. aspect of appearing younger. I recommend trying the bangs and face framing layers! I’m not talking about those kindergarten fringes that were notorious in our childhood. I mean the airy and flowing modern bangs that sweep our parts down to the cheekbones. can hide any skin imperfections (crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles) while the graceful framing layers create smoothness and movement around our face. Another way to look younger is to Avoid hairstyles that are too long and flat. Hair that is too long or straight hair may feel too harsh against the skin and provide little or no movement. Go for layers! “

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happy woman relaxing in garden smiling while applying sunscreen or skin cream

“Protecting our skin from harsh UV rays all year round will reduce the risk of getting age spots,” Yu says. “Too much sun dries out our skin, leaving it less supple and more susceptible to dryness and wrinkles.”

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Victoria Stiles, Beauty ShikSona Celebrity Creative Director / Makeup Artist explains, “Getting and feeling younger starts with our daily habits: what we eat, how much exercise we do, and what we put in and on our bodies. Adding daily exercise to flush out toxins slows down signs of aging and leads to a healthier, leaner body.Sugar is a main ingredient that we can limit in our diet not only to achieve a more youthful appearance, but also to contribute to our general health. The long-term effects of sugar include problems with skin, tooth decay, weight gain, and difficulty sleeping – all of which make up our general appearance. By simply limiting sugar in your daily diet, benefits will include less irritated and clearer skin, healthier teeth and gums, better sleep and weight loss resulting in a brighter, younger look. “

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Depressed woman awake at night, exhausted and suffering from insomnia

Delmau says: “It starts with getting enough sleep every night. I would say at least 7-8 hours a night would make you feel refreshed and fresh in the morning. Plus, going to bed earlier definitely gave me an extra boost. I used to never go to bed before midnight, I worked late. I felt I could do my best job at night. Over the past 6 months, I have decided to go to bed at least an hour earlier, and it has completely changed my mood and energy. I wake up motivated and ready to take on the world as soon as I get out of bed.

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Delmau explains: “As a fashion designer, I think that looking younger in your clothes means dressing with the essentials. You don’t have to be extra and put on a bodycon dress or bring out bold prints to feel younger. Comfort, elegance and confidence is the motto for looking and feeling younger. “Less is more. »Minimal, clean and fitted lines flatter the figure and enhance the figure. It is important to play with soft, draped fabrics that can adapt to the curves of the body. Know your fabrics and find the ones that best suit your skin; look for natural fibers and stay away from fossil fuels. Adding the right accessories is the key to accentuating a complete look and making you feel young, classy and elevated. “

Storey’s Nicole Kobilansky suggests changing your wardrobe to look and feel younger. “Many people’s wardrobes go out of style over time, especially as we age and priorities change,” she says. Research indicates that many women regularly wear only about 20% of their wardrobe. To update your look without breaking the bank and avoiding the fast-paced fashion, shop for second-hand designer pieces from sites like Storeytheapp .com, Poshmark and Thredup. by buying and selling used you can make room for those more trendy pieces that can really cost you years. “

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Woman visiting a nutritionist in a weight loss clinic.

Model Amber Zhaoyang Wang says, “There are a lot of ways to look younger when it comes to what you eat. A lot of people try vegetarian or keto diets; however, I have found that every body is different, and you have to find out. best fit for you. Be honest with your body. I once tried a juice cleanse for weight loss, which involves drinking three or four squeezed juices a day, but my body reacted so badly. tried Keto and got much better results. A diet that your body can digest well and makes you feel good is essential. Once you feel good and healthy, you will glow differently.

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refuse alcohol

Jess rose mcdowell by KINETIC SWEATSHIRT® says, “Depending on the schedule, taking a 20-30 minute nap improves energy longevity and body recovery. Low alcohol consumption can also help! contains added sugars which cause abdominal fat and can cause anxiety and depression. “

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strength training

McDowell explains, “Strength training helps stretch muscles and skin, pulling away lactic acid and accumulated fatty tissue. As we age we lose muscle mass and strength training improves muscle definition. Cardio is a great way to release stored energy for better sleep and is a free therapy that reduces the risk of “aging anxiety” or general mental health problems. Drinking at least a gallon of water a day will help your body recover from exercise, improve energy levels, lose weight, and have youthful, glowing skin. “And to get through this pandemic in better health, do not miss these 35 places where you’re most likely to catch COVID.


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